Congrats to our 2014 Graduates!Phototastic-2014-04-17-12-09-56_01

This was another outstanding class of union members who want to make a difference in electoral politics.  This year 13 people from 8 different unions graduated in our Portland and Eugene classes.

Future Thinking Union Members

The Oregon Labor Candidate School (OLCS) was created by a coalition of Oregon unions to meet the growing need for labor champions in elected office.

Across America labor unions are under attack at the federal, state and local level.  Fundamental issues such as collective bargaining rights, access to affordable and quality health care, and retirement security, are being eroded by elected officials. Elected leaders, from the state legislature to local boards, make important decisions which impact union members every day.

Electing labor champions not only benefits union members, it benefits all Oregonians. By electing working people who know our communities, we increase support for pro-worker policies that benefit everyone.

“The insight and support that I received through the Oregon Labor Candidate School was invaluable during this past election. There are so many aspects to running a campaign and staff at the school have done an incredible job in providing what it takes to be a winning candidate. I recently won a competitive race and cannot give enough praise to the board and staff with the OLCS, who also personally met with me to tailor a winning strategy. The work put in by this team is invaluable not only for cultivating strong candidates but also for championing the Labor cause. My highest praise to everyone involved with and leading this program! ” – Brian Adams, IAFF, 2012 Participant and Sandy City Council Member

OLCS provides the support and resources for our members to successfully run for office to sustain the values of middle class working families in Oregon.