The Oregon Labor Candidate School (OLCS) was created by a coalition of Oregon unions to meet the growing need for labor champions in elected office.  This is a unique time in history for the Oregon legislature to make giant strides for workers.  We will continue to train rank-and-file members to run for elected office who will pass laws that support an economy that grows the middle class.

Across America labor unions are under attack at the federal, state and local level.  Fundamental issues such as collective bargaining rights, access to affordable and quality health care, and retirement security, are being eroded by elected officials. Elected leaders, from the state legislature to local boards, make important decisions which impact union members every day.

Electing labor champions not only benefits union members, it benefits all Oregonians. By electing working people who know our communities, we increase support for pro-worker policies that benefit everyone.

The swearing in of Representative Rob Nosse (OLCS 2012) with Secretary of State Kate Brown and Speaker of the House Tina Kotek.